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Data Security:

Any information regarding Fabricator welders is accessible only by users that were entered onto the system by the "power user" for the particular Fabricator, and have logged on with their user names and passwords. For this reason, your data, as Fabricator, is as secure as your users keep their passwords. Should a user leave the employ of a Fabricator, or for any other reason the Fabricator's power user no longer wants a user to have access to the Fabricator's data, the user can be deleted from the system. All password and "recover password question" information is stored in an encrypted format on the Welderpassport database. As such, even Welderpassport personnel do not have access to this information.

Information regarding Agent welders is accessible only by users that were entered onto the system by the Agent's "power user". The only exception is that read only access is given to welder's qualification data if the correct 32 digit random hexadecimal number is entered. Due to the extreme improbabilty of anyone guessing such a number, even this information is only accessible to parties that have been given the 32 digit code. This arrangement allows an Agent to share a welder's qualification data with potential clients. It is important to note that the welder's full name and contact details are not made available. In fact no welder contact details are stored on Welderpassport. The only way to contact the Agent welders, is to do so through the Agent.

The Agent and Fabricator organisation contact details are made availalbe, but this type of information is public information, and would typically be used on marketing materials. In this way, Welderpassport can in fact serve as a marketing platform as well.

Data Integrity:

In the case of the information regarding Agent welder qualifications, data integrity is important because this information is passed between organisations, and can be subject to certain code and legal requirements. For this reason, all Agent welder information is subject to two levels of data integrity checking. Firstly, it is a requirement that an independent third party is involved in the WPQ process. This may be to witness the welding of the WPQ test piece, or the destructive or non-destructive testing of the test piece. The second level of data integrity checking takes place after welder qualification information is submitted for inclusion into the Welderpassport database. Here the information is not made available untill it has been reviewed for adequacy by Welderpassport welding engineers. Once Welderpassport welding engineers have reviewed the documentation submitted, and found adequate, it is released for use on the Welderpassport website. Once this has been done, this documentation is no longer available for editing, so can not be corrupted at any future time. It is important to note that when Agent welders are assigned to a Fabricator, the Agent welder's data is integrated with that of the Fabricator's system, but does not allow editing of the information as is the case for the Fabricator's own welders.

The data integrity checks described for Agent welders does not take place for Fabricator welders, as the Fabricator welder information is not passed between organisations. The onus for data integrity of the Fabricator welders therefore lies solely with the Fabricators themselves. In this way, it is no different to the data integrity of information that the Fabricator would normally keep themselves.

Financial Transaction Security:

No financial transactions involving financially sensitive information such as credit card numbers or account numbers or passwords take place on the Welderpassport website and servers. All such information is processed on secure third party servers such as PayPal. For this reason, the Welderpassport website is not a secure encrypted website, but certainly any third party website used for the financial transactions will be secure encrypted websites.


By its very nature, the business proposition of Welderpassport revolves around the sharing of information. In particular, it revolves around the sharing of Welder Performance Qualifications, (WPQ's) and associated welding performance information of welders. It is therefore important that the welders concerned understand this, and gives permission that this information can be shared with other parties. For this reason, all Agent welders must sign a release form that allows their Agency and, by extension, Welderpassport to share this information with others. The information is however tightly controlled so that only those persons that the Agent expressly allows, can access the WPQ information. Furthermore, it must be highlighted that no information that could typically be used for the purposes of identity theft (e.g. Welder address or contact details.) is required to be entered onto the Welderpassport system.

In the case of Fabricator welders, the WPQ information is only accessible to users registered by the Fabricator, so it is no different to any system that would normally be operated by the Fabricator for the purpose of administering welder qualifications. For this reason, Fabricator welders do not need to give any permission for their information to be placed on the Welderpassport system.

Agent and Fabricator contact details entered into the Welderpassport system will be made freely available. As such, these organisations should only enter e-mail and other contact information, while loading their organisations on the system, that they want to be freely available. Any e-mail addresses entered as part of the user registration process will not be shared with any party outside Welderpassport, unless required to do so by law.




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