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Register user page - For users that want to self register with Welderpassport

To become a power user, you need to register through this page, and then enter the Agent and / or Fabricator on the Welderpassport system.

To become an Agent user or Fabricator user, you need to be created on the system by the "power user" of the relevant organisation. This means that you can not register through this page to become an Agent user or Fabricator user.

All fields below are required fields, and need to be completed. We need your e-mail address to be able to send you your login details. This is especially important if you should forget your password at some later date, as this is the e-mail account to which we will send a new password. We will NOT pass this e-mail address onto any other party. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

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Some password guidelines and issues:

  • The password must contain at least 7 characters.
  • At least one of the characters must be non-alphanumeric. (e.g. $, &, # etc.)
  • Please keep your user name and password in a secure place.
  • Passwords and security answers are stored on the Welderpassport system in an encrypted format. As such, even Welderpassport does not have access to them!




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