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During the Beta release of Welderpassport, no fees will be charged for any services, so it is in your best interest to jump in as soon as possible, and place as much data on the system as possible. Why are we doing this free of charge during the Beta release period? While we have done our best to give you a good application, we also understand there there may be some buggs to sort out initially. As a user of Welderpassport, you will be helping us to refine it to a truly great application. For your help in this, we reward you with a free service! It is however important for you to know what the future costs will be to your company, so that you can make your own cost/benefit analysis, even before any costs are passed onto you.

In addition, the Welderpassport application allows you to register "practice" organisations on the system. (Agents or Fabricators) The idea being that you can experience almost all the features of the application without any cost whatsoever. Just a warning: The data entered for practice organisations can be removed at any time without notice, so this information should not be seen as permanent. Also, any information entered for a practice organisation can NOT be transferred to a "working" organisation. You will have to re-enter the information again, after registering a "working organisation".


The pricing structure that will be used by Welderpassport is geared toward the following objectives:

  • To provide cost effective services to both large and small users.
  • Costs to be based on value added by Welderpassport.
  • Costs based on a pay per use model.
  • Payment model applied on a pre-paid basis.

To achieve the objectives, there are a number of different pricing structures, based on the particular service being used.


 The services and the logic behind their pricing models are as follows:

  • Agents entering migrant welder qualifications: Migrant welder qualifications are reviewed by Welderpassport welding engineers to verify data integrity. For this reason, each welder qualification entered is charged at a "flat rate", irrespective of the number entered by any Agent organisation. Agents are not charged a subscription fee for any services. Cost: A$25 once-off charge per welder qualification entered on the system.
  • Fabricators administering welders: As there are no checks on welder qualifications entered by Fabricators, Fabricators are charged on a per welder monthly subscription basis. The rate charged per welder per month varies on a sliding scale, depending on the number of welders that a particular Fabricator has on the system. Cost: A$5 each for the first 20 welders; A$2.50 each for the next 20 welders; A$1 each for any welders over and above 40.
  • Agent revalidations of migrant welder qualifications: Welder qualifications are revalidated on a per process basis. The cost is the same, irrespective of the number of welder qualifications on the system for the particular welder. Revalidations are required on a six (6) monthly basis. As with the migrant welder qualifications, the migrant welder revalidations are reviewed by a Welderpassport welding engineer to verify data integrity. Cost: A$25 per revalidation.
  • Revoke qualified process for migrant welder: If a Fabricator believes that a welder is performing poorly (There are rules for this.) then s/he can lodge a revocation of the particular process that the welder has been performing poorly with. There are rules for the process that the Fabricator needs to follow before lodging such a revocation. Welderpassport welding engineers will review the submitted revocation to ensure that the correct process has been followed. Cost: A$50 per revocation lodged.
  • Database search by third parties: Any logged-in user of Welderpassport can search the database to find migrant welders that can perform certain types of welds. The search results will however only be presented in a way that links the user to the Agent that represents the welder. The welders will be identified by numbers, and the contact details will be those of the Agent. The user will not be able to identify the welders' names or contact details. In fact, Welderpassport does not store welder contact details. Cost: A$5 per search session.
  • Viewing of migrant welder details by third parties: If an Agent wants to share the details of a welder with a third party, s/he can send the information via e-mail, or can provide the third party (Typically a trusted client.) with a unique 32 digit random number that identifies the welder on the Welderpassport system. (Nobody will be able to guess this, so the information is very secure!) By entering this number on the relevant Welderpassport web page, the welder's qualifications, validation status and employment history will be available. This is much more convenient for everyone than having to e-mail a whole lot of qualification information every time. There is no cost for this facility. Cost: Nothing


As Welderpassport is an Australian based company, costs are quoted in Australian Dollars. Payment will however be through PayPal, so payments can be made in most currencies through your PayPal account.

Purchasing Credit

The plan is that once Welderpassport starts charging for services, the credit for the services can be purchased through PayPal. In the interim, a page has been created where you can merely click on a button to "Add Credit" to your account. This page will in future be linked to the PayPal system. Presently no banking or credit card details are required to add credit to your account.

If you are loged in as an "Agent User" when you click on the buttons to add credit, this credit will be added to your Agent organisation's account. If you are logged on as a "Fabricator User" when you click on the buttons to purchase credit, this credit will be added to your Fabricator organisation's account. In the case of all other types of users (including power users) the credit will be added to your own user account.

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