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App: Heat Input Helper

Purpose of Heat Input Helper (HIH):

Heat Input Helper (HIH) is an application developed to assist welders, welding supervisors and inspection personnel to control welding heat input in the field.


Welding heat input is one of the most difficult aspects of welding to control out in the field, because the Heat Input (HI) is a function of the welding current, voltage and travel speed. While many modern welding power sources will give a reading for the voltage and amperage, when performing manual or semi-automatic welding, the travel speed can only be calculated in hindsight, and hence the heat input can also only be calculated in hindsight. This means that controlling heat input turns into a trial and error endeavour. The Heat Input Helper (HIH) application has been developed to overcome this difficulty by giving a continuous feedback regarding the maximum and minimum distances that should have been welded to stay within the maximum and minimum HI limits.

How HIH Works:

By entering the actual Voltage, Amperage and weld length, along with the target values for maximum and minimum HI, the application provides you with a constant visual output of the maximum and minimum distances that you should have covered to be within those HI limits. It therefore soon becomes apparent if the welder's travel speed is too fast or too slow, and timely remedial action becomes possible.

HIH Application Features:

The features of HIH are as follows:

  • Continuous minimum and maximum weld distances are shown, to give continuous feedback regarding progress required to stay within the target maximum and minimum heat input values.
  • You can use millimetre or inch units.
  • Heat inputs are continuously logged during the weld run, so if the voltage and amperage parameters are adjusted during the weld run, the new parameter values are only applicable to the time in which they remain active, and do not influence previously logged values.
  • A pause button is provided, to allow for times when the welder needs to break the arc.
  • A delay timer is built into the HIH application. This will assist a welder that wants to perform his own HI checks, when he does not have anybody else to push the buttons for him. This function will perform the specified delay (say 6 seconds) before commencing the timer, and deduct this same amount of time from the total time when pressing the pause or finish button.
  • At the end of the weld run, the average HI and the welding travel speed of the weld run is shown. This allows you to record these without further calculation, if required.

Availability Of HIH:

You can use HIH free of charge by clicking on the graphic on the bottom of this page. Obviously this is only of use if you have an internet connection. Much welding takes place in remote locations, or where a reliable internet connection is not available. Under these circumstances you would ideally like to run HIH from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet computer. The HIH application has been designed to be compatible with smart phone user interfaces, and will be made available for purchase for most mobile device platforms. So far it has been made available for purchase for Android devices through Google Play. We are asking A$9 plus relevant taxes, so it is not dirt cheap, but we believe that for a professional tool you will make many times your money back during your first use. If you are not happy, or it does not work well on your device, by all means reverse your transaction. We do not want you to be anything but happy with the "Heat Input Helper" application. Keep an eye on this page for further updates for other platforms.

Compatable Platforms:

The version of HIH available from this page is in the HTML5 format. To be able to run this, your browser needs to support HTML5. HTML5 is currently being adopted as the future web Application development platform, therefore total standardisation has not taken place between browsers, and differences in performance between platforms is typical. Below is a list of popular browsers tested, and additional operability comments:

Internet Explorer 10: HIH runs well when using the mouse. For touch screens there is difficulty operating the slider. This may vary from computer to computer.

Mozilla Firefox V19 on Windows: HIH runs well with mouse and touch screen.

Mozilla Firefox on Mac: HIH runs well with mouse pad. (Touch screen not tested.)

Google Chrome V25 on Windows: HIH runs well with mouse and touch screen.

Opera V12 on Windows: HIH runs well with mouse and touch screen.

Safari 5 for Windows: Does not appear to run the HTML5 application.

Safari for Mac: HIH runs well with mouse pad and touch screen.

Maxthon: HIH runs well with mouse and touch screen.

Please note that different touch screens need different gestures to control the input. Sometimes a single touch is equivalent to a mouse click, and sometimes a double touch is needed. In the same way, to click and drag the slider, a single touch and drag works, while with other screens a double touch and drag gesture is needed. (Experiment with your particular set-up to see how it works.) Please let us know if you have any issues on your particular platform.

Click on the graphic below to start the HIH application. Please note that it may take a couple of minutes to load.


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