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If you are most comefortable using e-mail to contact us, then by all means do so using the following e-mail address:

However, the best way to contact us is by using the contact facility below, because all your contacts with us, and our answers to you will be stored on this page, for you to refer back to whenever you need. To use this facility, you will need to be logged into the site. If you see no facility to enter a contact below, then it is probably because you are not logged in. If this is the first time you are logging a contact through this page, then proceed as follows: (After logging in!)

  • Click on the first "New"  link to initiate a contact with Welderpassport. 

  • Enter the relevant information and a "Title" to your question / comment / suggestion. (Note that we ask for an e-mail address and name, as this just helps us if we need to send you something that can not be conveniently handled using the contact facility.)

  • Select the contact entry, within the contact table, that you want to enter into a discussion about.

  • Click on the second "New"  link to enter a discussion point for that particular contact.

  • The relevant Welderpassport personnel will then get back to you by entering a "discussion point" of their own.

  • The discussion can then progress on this basis for as long as it takes to resolve.

  • Once resolved, the contact will be marked "Closed" to indicate it is completed or resolved.

  • If the contact appears to be something that may be usefull for other users, Welderpassport will request your permission to make it visible to everyone. If you give your permission, the "Public" tick box will be ticked. Your username will not be divulged.

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