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About Welderpassport The Company:

Welderpassport is a company registered in Australia, to serve the local and international welding and fabrication community through internet based services and information systems. While we offer internet based services, we do not considder ourselves an Information Technology (IT) company, rather we considder ourselves a welding and fabrication services company. We are a company of welding professionals for welding professionals.

The welding industry is highly regulated, with a lot of information flows between different parties. It is our mission to make this information flow much more efficient than is presently the case, introducing significant savings for all stakeholders. With the wide availability and use of broadband internet, it makes sense to use this as the basis for information sharing in our industry.

Our Vision: To improve efficiency and information transfer between stakeholders within the welding and fabrication industry.

Our Mission: To develop, and make available, internet based systems within the welding and fabrication industry that enhances efficiencies, by allowing better information transfer between participants. The solutions are to be provided on a subscription model, allowing Welderpassport to offer low cost of entry systems to clients, while continually improving the systems to provide continuous improvement and value to clients.

About Welderpassport The Website:

Describing Welderpassport as a "website" is not really accurate. Welderpassport is an internet based software application. There are a number of commercially available software applications for administering welder qualifications, but what makes Welderpassport different is the ability to interact with other organisations, and to access the information from any internet connected computer in the world. This is particularly beneficial in the case of Agent or "migrant" welders that often move from one project to another, or for organisations that have geographically diverse locations. In the case of Agency welders, it therefore becomes possible for agents to migrate their welders from one Fabricator organisation to the next without having to re-do all the "coding" tests for the welders. In the case of Fabricators with a diverse geographical footprint, it becomes possible to administer welders throughout the company from a single integrated system.

As with all software applications, Welderpassport will always remain a developing and growing application. As we get feedback from our users, we will make sure that we upgrade Welderpassport to reflect what our users need. For this reason, please feel free to forward any suggestions for improvements.

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