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Migrant Welder Information

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App: Heat Input Helper

Migrating Welders AND Their Qualifications

  • Agents/Labour brokers administer migrant welders' qualifications.
  • Fabricators administer qualifications for their own, permanent welders.
  • Welder information and qualifications are password protected, and only transferred upon agreement.
  • Track and update welder validation status.
  • Migrant welder qualifications are reviewed for data integrity by independent third parties.
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Basis For Migrating Welder Qualifications: ASME B31.3; AWS D1.1; AS/NZS 3992; ASME IX
How Welderpassport Solves Your Problems: Agents; Fabricators; End Users; Welders; Consultants
Pricing Structure: (All Free While In Beta Release!)
The Features Of Welderpassport: Data Security; Data Integrity; Financial Transaction Security; Privicy Policy
Quick Start Guide To Using Welderpassport: Registering as User; Registering Agent; Registering Fabricator; Loading Welder; Loading Welder Qualifications etc..
Who And What Welderpassport Is

Please NOTE: We are currently in the Beta release phase of our website. It is therefore a good deal for you to get involved, because while in Beta we will not be charging for any of our services, and you will be able to give input into what improvements you would like to see to the Welderpassport application. Please feel free to click through to the pages to see what Welderpassport is all about.

 If you want to get a hands-on look at Welderpassport, please register and load a Fabricator or Agent (or both) and test drive it for yourself! We are looking at starting a blog soon, that will deal with typical issues of interest to the welding and fabrication industry. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail and we will add you to our distribution list.

Also check out our application for helping welders, supervisors and inspectors to better control heat inputs in the field. (Click on the link in the LHS navigation pane.) We call it the "Heat Input Helper" application. This is not your same old, same old, calculator. Rather, it is for use "in the field" to help you better control heat inputs. We are sure you will love it!

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